Shopify Competitors

Shopify is one of the most commonly used e-commerce platforms. Can any other product compare to it? It turns out that yes.

Top 10 Shopify competitors

Some researchers believe that Shopify ranks second among the most commonly used online shopping platforms. In such reports, Shopify has a 26% share of the global market. Other similar solutions occupy such market shares:

Actually, only 3 first platform can really be called Shopify competitors. The share of the rest is very small. It reminds me of the state of things in Formula 1: the first 3 compete against each other, and the others are needed for numbers 🙂

Data as of January 19, 2023 from

Other researchers place the Shopify in 4-th place with a 10% market share. WooCommerce was also named the leader. Second place was given to Squarespace Commerce.

According the market share of the world’s leading e-commerce software platforms and technologies as of July 2022* looked in such a way (see the chart):

Interestingly, the reviews consider completely others platforms as competitors to shopify. Many of them include BigCommerce and Ecwid. All these reviews seem to be biased. Shopify biggest competitors are other platforms...

Shopify biggest competitors in Google Trends Statistics

According Google Trends Shopify searches, much more often than other platforms.

Until 2016, the competitors were almost on par with Shopify, but Magento dominated. Since 2018, Shopify leaves its competitors far behind in the number of searches on Google.

Shopify biggest competitors in Google Trends

Top Shopify competitors in Google Trends